Donations & patronage

Creating art is my heart journey, my passion. I create night and day, it’s my work. My art opens people, it gives them an experience beyond the knowing and understanding of the mind. It softens what is hard. It brings joy, happiness and inspiration. It also brings light to dark places. That’s what I was born to do: to make the invisible visible. To make love in all its forms visible.

You can support me and my work by making a donation or by becoming a patron. I highly appreciate all pledges and donations.

I’m deeply grateful for all my customers, patrons and cheerleaders!
Thanks to you I’m able to continue my creative life journey on a daily basis.



As my patron you receive one artprint of your choice, a set of 7 postcards of your choice and a personalized handwritten card from me. You also receive 10% discount on your next order and an invitation to one of my exhibitions.